You are a remote speaker or guest in a webinar, livestream or recording that is facilitated ear WBNRS. It’s obviously about the content, but of course it has to look good. The same goes for clothing.

On this page, you will find all the information you need on how best to dress. Do you doubt whether clothing is appropriate? Then get in touch with your contact at WBNRS.


Clothes you feel good in

Make sure you wear clothes you feel good in.

Fitting your job or role

For a mechanic, viewers expect overalls and for a manager or director, a shirt.


Are there any guidelines from the company or legislation? Think about safety clothing, for example.

No bright colours

Do not wear clothes with bright basic colours such as bright red, bright blue and bright green.

No busy patterns and stripes

Busy patterns and lines causes the image to vibrate (moiré). Larger patterns and wider stripes are acceptable. A pinstripe suit can also do.

Avoid clothing brand logos

Unless it is corporate clothing, it is important to think about whether you want logos of brands on air or not.

No rustling clothing

Some fabrics make more noise with movement. Avoid these clothes.

Space for clip headset microphone

In most webinars and livestreams, speakers are given a headset microphone with a beltpack. This beltpack is hung on trousers or belt via a clip. Especially with a dress, it is convenient to put on a matching belt.

Clean clothes

It’s logical that clothes should be clean, but an accident is in a small corner. Especially if you have a shoot at the end of the day or in the evening, it is smart to bring spare clothes. Since most shoots are at our table or desk, it’s mainly about outerwear.

Small earrings and jewellery tips

In connection with headset microphones, please do not wear large earrings!

Otherwise, wear jewellery in moderation. They can sometimes stand out more in the picture than you want. Bracelets can make tapping noises when talking at a desk or table.

Keep an eye on the weather

Although there is cooling in the studio, it can also be a bit hotter in the studio on hot days, especially during a longer event. During the broadcast, the cooling has to be turned off because of the sound.

Keep in mind timelessness

If a video (in the replay, for example) has to last a long time, it is smart to choose your clothes ‘seasonally neutral’, so that the video always looks current.

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