On the webinar registration page, interested parties can find more information and register for your webinar.

This page contains information on what you need to provide so that WBNRS can set up this page for you.


Powerful and short title

What is the title of your webinar? A good title appeals to the right target audience and is short (max 60 characters including spaces) and powerful. For example:
  • This is how to select a recruitment system
  • 10 tips to boost your marketing
  • 5 fashion trends for 2026

Extra clarification in the subtitle

In the subtitle, you can explain the title or just make a concrete promise. This subtitle can be longer than the title. For example:
  • Discover in 30 minutes how to boost your sales and marketing in 2027
  • Avoid these 10 common mistakes by architects worldwide
  • Get concrete tips & tricks to get and keep your accounting in order


Description of the webinar. Think of things like:
  • The cause/situation outline
  • What will be told
  • What are you going to learn
  • Why not to miss it
  • Etc.


Name, position, company and brief profile of the speakers speaking in the webinar. Optionally, one image showing all speakers can also be displayed.

Logo block (400×90 px) (optional)

There is room for one block where you can show one or more logos. This should be supplied as one landscape image as png, 400×90 pixels.

Header image (2400×900 px) (optional)

At the top of the page is the header image. Since the title, subtitle and registration form are also visible here, your design should take into account that texts are readable. Often, a (nearly) plain background colour is chosen on which black letters can be read well, or a background with images on the left and right. See the examples at the bottom of this page. By default, this block has a white background.

1920×1080 image screen behind desk (optional)

1920×1080 image displayed on the screen behind the speakers. Day may be a png, PowerPoint or looping video (mp4).

Image webinar page (800 x 300-400 px)

Image with theme of the webinar or speakers. Can also be used in the email confirmation. Png or jpg.

E-mail image (800 x 300-400 px)

Header image for the emails people receive on sign-up and reminder. Do not place a logo or text in this image, these will already appear elsewhere in the e-mails. Png or jpg.

E-mail address

A ‘jouworganisatie@wbnrs.nl’ e-mail address is created from which the confirmation and reminder e-mails are sent. This mail address will be linked to a mail address of your organisation, should participants reply to mails. For this, we need a mail address of the client.

Confirmation e-mail

Immediately after registration, the participant receives an e-mail containing the confirmation. Standard text in this mail:

Dear {{first_name}},

You are now registered for the webinar below:


{{broadcast_time}} Add to calendar

If you want different text, provide it when you send all the information.

Reminder emails

Below is the text that will be sent by default a day in advance and half an hour in advance. As there can be a somewhat longer time between signing up and reminding, we recommend here that you do repeat what the webinar is about, in order to increase attendance during the webinar. Standard text in these emails:

Dear {{first_name}},

The webinar you are registered for will start tomorrow/tuesday at 11.00 am and last until 11.45 am. Click the button to watch the webinar.

About the webinar {{webinar text}}

If you want a different text, provide it when you send all the information.

Sample email

Below is an example of a reminder e-mail sent a day in advance: Screenshot reminder Ubeeo

Examples webinar pages

Below are and some examples of webinar pages for inspiration.

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